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AT: Tea Party :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 0 0 Be Vewy Vewy Quiet :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 2 12 Sleep Tight :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 1 0 AT: We didn't do it :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 4 4 CRASH :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 3 0 Cute Little Crush :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 4 3 It Is Indeed A Dark Day :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 2 0 Brewing Potions :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 4 0 SNOW :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 5 7 NEXT GEN: Gamer Guru :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 3 0 Squee :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 3 2 Old Sketch Dump :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 3 6 FIXED BIO: Apple Clafoutis :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 4 3 Grr! :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 5 0 Well Hello :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 3 0 Faces 2 :icondoodletheexpoodle:DoodletheExpoodle 4 0


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AT: Tea Party
Art Trade with :iconsonicxanimefan: here's his two ocs Blue-Ice(left) and Sapphire(right)

And a random Snowball that is definitely having the best time of his life with his aunties

I have no idea how Sapphire turned out bigger they're literally the exact same size in the paper sketch oh well.

Hope you like Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 
Be Vewy Vewy Quiet
Looks like Snowball's hunting wabbits

This is his late teens when his feral dragon instincts become more dominant. Goes from chasing butterflies to hunting animals.

You can almost hear his thoughts Oh god oh god what just happened

I suck at drawing dark things this is why I mostly draw him as a baby guys
Sleep Tight


Daylight Amethyst was idly waking. Nono please it's such a wonderful dream just five more minutes....

She groaned and snuggled deeper into her pillow.....her pillow.....

Day suddenly started to slowly realize her comforter resting on top of her and her messy bed head buried into her amethyst pillow.

That's funny. The last thing she remembered was sitting close to her long lived crush, using his shoulder as a nice pillow. It was the best nap she had since forever~

He must've carried her home. She sat herself up in her bed and noticed her balcony door creaked slightly open.

She grumbled and flopped back down, feeling oddly disappointed.

She didn't want to be lying under her own covers in her own home. She didn't want the morning to be here.

She wanted to turn back time and go back to last night with Whistle Tune. At least just for a few more hours.

Daylight squeezed her eyes shut and flung the blanket over her head, hoping to summon back that great dream again for a little while longer.


A couple hours earlier

Whistle Tune watched the night sky starting to pale as Celestia started to slowly push the sun over the horizon.

He looked down at the exhausted yellowish princess dribbling all over his shoulder, still snoring away. Who would've known such a little mare could be the source of such an obnoxious loud noise?

Whistle smiled softly and carefully nudged her oh so slightly. "Day."


"Daylight, it's time to wake up and get home." He murmured gently, trying to wake her.

Daylight's face soured and she whined still asleep. "Noooooo....."

"Oh come on you don't want your parents to worry, do you?"

"I don't wanna wear the dress, Mommy." She whimpered, snuggling closer.

Whistle chuckled quietly. "Okay." He pulled himself to his feet, making her whine and curl into fetal position.

"Bench cold!" Day groaned, swinging her hoof around trying to relocate her fluffy green pillow.

Whistle Tune crouched and snuggled her onto his back carefully. Day clamped her arms around his neck and buried her face into his fur.

He took off into the sky, heading for the Castle Of Friendship. He landed on Daylight's room balcony and turned the door handle to step inside.

He pulled back the bed covers and cautiously laid Daylight on her mattress.

"No no!" The princess clamped around the batpony's neck. "No go! Please."

He turned pink at the thought of his long time crush feeling the same way for him, but gently pulled off her hooves and settled her back down on her pillow. "Sweet dreams, Day."

Whistle pulled the quilt over her.

Day started to settle down, falling back into a deep noisy sleep, although Whistle could've sworn he heard her say "stay", but he pushed that out of his mind.

"Good night, Daylight." Whistle gave her one last smile and headed back towards the balcony glass doors.


I love my OTP
I drew a squiggle and tried to make something out of it

I have no idea what this is but I think it swallowed a box or something

Filename by DoodletheExpoodle
Anybody up for an art trade?

I mostly do ponies but I can also do most other animals and humans(need more practice though)

Here's what to do:

- pick one(or more) of my characters(can be any) to draw
- Comment saying who you picked(or surprise me either way leave a comment)
- And I'll pick one(or more) of your characters to draw(unless you want something specific from me)

I can do digital or traditional whichever :3


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Doodleverse Special Incorporateeeeed! ~

Hello and welcome to my page

Enjoy my MLP Next Gen art and kangaroos!

Have a beautiful day!

Other account: :iconcheerydoodler:


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